We are on a mission to unite fashion with functionality and affordability. Our unique and stylish neckties come equipped with a microfiber backing to clean your glasses, smartphones, and other electronics. WALTMAN||CO ties will attract the best of compliments, and will have you updating your closet with fashion that works! Follow us to find new products that make your life easier in a tasteful way.


The idea for WALTMAN||CO neckties with microfiber lining was born from two sources. First, any other article of clothing we wear serves a purpose, but ties are purely for looks. We thought there must be something more that could be done with that stylish piece of fabric we tie around our necks. Second, we frequently observe people wiping their glasses and phones on the inside of their shirts or even on their socks. Unfortunately, those fabrics can be abrasive and damaging to delicate glass surfaces. We came up with the idea to put high quality lens cleaning fabric on the back of a tie. We've grown used to the convenience of WALTMAN||CO ties, and it's difficult to go back to our old ties. Get one for yourself and experience the difference!


We are a family owned business in Salt Lake City, Utah. John and Katie Waltman (brother and sister) have been running a jewelry business together since 2010, and WALTMAN||CO is their first foray into mens. Please feel free to contact if you would like to work together in some way, info@waltmanco.com.